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This code is exclusive to VIPeeP customers with accounts. You must have signed up for our email notification list for it to work.  It’s a multi use code, so it can be used again and again! It is only for a limited time tho so take advantage of this offer while it is available!

Not part of the flock yet?  No problem, honey!  Justo click right here on Create an account, or scroll down to the bottom of any page, or hit the menu button above (the three little lines) and hit create an account down at the bottom. There is even a section on the home page you can use. No matter how you join, once you enter your email in a “Join the Flock” box, you will automatically create a VIPeep customer account! Then you will be able to use this handy dandy discount for yourself!  Don’t worry, your privacy is very important too  me. I promise all your info is safe with me but check out my privacy policy so you can set your mind at ease. I also promise that I won’t bombard your inbox with mass amounts of emails. Just a few random updates when we have new arrivals or an occasional promotion or special sale. If you feel it’s still a bit more than you prefer, just unsubscribe via email. No hard feelings or strings attached! 

I Adore all my ViPeeps and wanted a way to say thank y’all for your support in making this a reality!  Thanks again honey! Y’all come back to see me!