Free Crazy Train Headband/Scrunchi with $25 purchase!

Spend$$ Save$$ Discount!

We have a new sale going on with s discount code  that’s as unique as you are!  Simply use the promo code SAVE$$ and you will receive a discount off of every single purchase with Chic Picks until after the New Year! But, the more you spend, the more you can save!  You can Customize this Code to maximize your savings! Swap the $$ symbols in the SAVE$$ Code for the closest savings tier amount based on your carts checkout value! Your checkout value  Savings tier is the bracket you qualify for based on your total.

Tiers listed below:

  • SAVE$$ - All orders will receive a discount 
  • SAVE25 - Any order $25+ (pre-tax)  higher % discount
  • SAVE50 - Any Order $50+ (pre-tax) higher % discount
  • SAVE75 - Any Order $75+ (pre-tax) higher % discount
  • SAVE100 - Any Order $100+ (pre-tax) higher % discount
  • SAVE125 - Any Order $125+ (pre-tax) higher % discount
  • SAVE150 - Any Order $150+ (pre-tax) higher % discount
  • SAVE175 - Any Order $175+ (pre-tax) higher % discount
  • SAVE200 - Top Tier - All orders 200+ receive an almost 40% discount off of their entire order! 

For example : 

You spend $38, you would enter SPEND25

This will automatically apply a higher discount than the regular code SAVE$$. The discount increases with every discount tier. So, as your cart total rises, the discount continues to rise with it. If you spend more, be sure you change the number at the end of the code to get the higher discount. 

For example :

You spend $89, You would enter SAVE75

If you enter your code and get an error code, make sure you are above the savings tier you are using. All discount are applied prior to taxes and they will not count toward the total. 

For example : 

You spend $73.95, SAVE75 will result in an error code

Although your total may say $75+  Use your pre tax total

If you spend $73.95, You will enter SAVE50 

Now, entering a value above your cart total will get you an error message but what if you forget to change the code to a higher number?  Well, it’s not so bad, you still receive the discount for the amount you entered. But had you entered the higher number, you would gotten an even higher discount. We cannot change this once you have checked out so be sure to double check and change those numbers to ensure you receive the maximum discount available!

No no matter what, using the original SAVE$$ Code alone earns you a discount. Just swap those $$ for your correct savings tier discounts and get the max amount you deserve.  Thank you so much for shopping with us 

Happy Holidays!  May you have a wonderful New Year!

Come back to see us in it if you can!