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Dirty Santa

Dirty Santa Promo Flyer At chic Picka BoutiqueHi y’all!

So, Christmas is going to be here super soon and we have a very fun activity we would love you to participate in this holiday season!  An exciting new Boutique Version Of Dirty Santa. These won’t be any prank presents tho!  They will be different items available in our store. You will get to pick one out to “bring” to the party.  There is a $30 initial Entry gift fee to participate. This is just like the gift you are required to bring to a regular Dirty Santa party. The difference here is there’s no shopping or wrapping required on your end. You do have a choice of “picking” out the present to bring to the party. You will have three variants to choose from when purchasing your entry gift. I am charging a flat $5 fee for shipping charges as well. I normally give y’all toatally free shipping so I know you’re spoiled to that but I’m already basically giving merchandise away for this promo, I need some help to ship it to you without going bust. I went with a standard flat rate to keep it fair. So, you can click here to go on over and purchase your gift and you will be auto enrolled in the event. Sign up ends on December 10th. The actual event will be live and starts at 8pm on December 15th. If you are not able to actively participate, you may assign a delegate to stand in your place or passively participate. A gift will be selected for you but it won’t be swapped for another unless it is stolen from you. Then another new gift will be opened and assigned to you. I highly suggest live participation in order to end up with one of the “big gifts”. All items will have a minimum value of $30. You are guaranteed to receive a gift worth the price you paid initially. You could end up with a gift worth twice as much as you paid initially. Several “prize gifts” will be in circulation. These will include such gifts as Makeup Junkie Bags Of various sizes and patterns, Christmas sweatshirts by Southern Bliss, teddy bear coats, plaid distressed button downs, blowfish shoes, boots, as well as many assorted tops and jewelry bundles. Don’t miss this fun, unique Dirty Santa Game!  Gift reveal will be the day before with all possible gifts displayed to the public. You will also receive a random number automated by an app that will be your order to open your present. Rules are as follows 

• when your number is up, you can choose to pick a random present or “steal” a gift that has already been opened.  

•A gift can only be stolen once per turn.

• If your gift is stolen, you can then pick a Present from the pile or “steal” a gift as well.  This cycle continues until a new present is chosen. The the next number will begin their turn  

I sure hope you will join us!  The event will be live on our Facebook page on Sunday night, December 15th @ 8pm central.  Please share this with all your friends and family and encourage them to join as well! Have then purchase with your referral link and you will get credit for our new referral program to use on your next purchase and so will they!

Here is a sneak peek of a few of the items that will be used as presents during the event!  Hope to see you there!  Happy Holidays!