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Contact Us

Contact Us At Chic Picks we care about our customers concerns

We recently added the handy Message Us button to the website. It will be the fastest and most direct way to reach out if you have a question or a concern.  We added it because we were having issues with customers emails not making it to us.  Spam kept snatching them out of the inbox no matter what we told it and I still don’t know where most of the messages sent through the website below even go! So, we added a new way for y’all to reach out and must say, I love it so far!  Being able to respond to your questions gives me a chance to fix any problems, answer any questions, and hopefully build a better relationship. I don’t want to be just another clothing store. I want to be your hometown boutique, you can shop at on your phone.  You are welcome to still send an email, I do check them,  and if I receive it, I promise I will respond.  The email address as listed below. Thanks y’all!

I love to hear from my customers so don’t wait until something’s wrong to reach out! Let me know what’s on your mind and I’ll be back in touch with you shortly.