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About Us

Hi Ya'll! I'm Chick! I have always had a "talent" for finding deals. When life went sideways on me a few years back, I had to learn who I was again. I rediscovered my love of fashion which soon was an obsession. Shoes, purses, makeup, jewelry, skincare, I wanted it all.  My bank account wanted me to stop. Then I found Poshmark. I began selling my old stuff for extra money. I had to support my habit as I was a full blown fashion addict at this point. I expanded and cultivated my skill set. I realized I could shop like I love to do but avoid financial ruin since i was shopping for others. On top of that, I was making money! I had unearthed a hidden talent and deep passion.  I love finding a customer an item they simply adore. So I created Chic Picks.


Welcome to my dream.


I'm so very glad you stopped by! Please let me know personally if I can help you with anything.  Have fun browsing my hand picked, eclectic collection of today’s hottest trends and everyday classic looks. There should be something for everyone.  I hope you love these items as much as I do.