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About Chick

So, trying to write this about page is a pretty daunting task. I said is because I'm still working on it, what you are reading is just a rough first draft. I'm supposed to convince you to trust me and want to support me all from a short description inside a few paragraphs. Here goes.

I'm a single mom. To a heartbreaker of a little man who turned 5 thr first of May and starts kindergarten this fall. He's a mess, a handful and so much fun. Smart doesn't begin to describe his keen ability to figure out things way beyond his years but smart does perfectly describe his mouth. I hear so much of my own sarcasm coming back to haunt me and kick myself for forgetting what a sponge he truly is. This is for him. Yes, I enjoy some of it of course. But everything I do is for him. If I turn my dream into reality, what a lesson I give him. If I fail miserably? What an opportunity to show him how to deal with disappointment and move on. But please, I need this to work. I'm a 35 year old single mother, I can't go chasing a new dream. I hope you love shopping my dream. Please,contact me at any time, about any thing. I want my store to succeed and to do that, I need your input and advice on improvement. Thanks for stopping by! I hope you like what I, Chic,  Picks!



aka- Hailey