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What are Makeup Junkie Bags? What makes them so special?

Makeup Junkie Bags

Unless you have been under a rock, you are a man, or you just seriously could care less about makeup or the bags you might carry it in ( Junkie bags can carry SO much more than just makeup and there is an actual entire line for men, but I will get to that later on) you have probably heard the buzz surrounding those Makeup Junkie Bags.  Maybe you first saw the creator and founder, Meredith Jurdico, who is better known as just MJ (pretty stinking cool, right?) to the Makeup Junkie Junkie’s of the World, on NBC’s Shark Tank? No? Well, I’m sure you keep seeing these pretty bags with zippers down the middle all over your Instagram. And just try to flip on the TV or open a magazine without seeing some mention of the pretty Cosmetic bags that sell out in under 5 minutes. So, you keep hearing about this product but are still wondering just what exactly is the big deal? They are pretty, but what is it that has people hooked? Why all the fuss over a bag? It’s just a cosmetic bag, isn’t it?  Like the kind you can literally buy anywhere? In similar pretty patterns??  What exactly is a Makeup Junkie Bag and what makes them so darn special?

Well, let me see if I can shed some light on it for you.   

Makeup Junkie Bags are an innovative and fashionable line of cosmetic bags that have revolutionizing the industry. Founded by MJ, who is a true makeup junkie, who grew tired of wasting money on cosmetic bags that just didn’t deliver. Most she found were not wide enough to accommodate all her products and the few she did find always fell over, sending cosmetics tumbling to the ground. This sometimes ruined her compacts or shadows in the process, leaving crumbled pieces all over. If she found one deep enough, it became a black hole where she couldn’t find anything she needed. Any pretty bags she found, were not water resistant / washable and so they became dirty very quickly. Leaving the inside smudged with powders or streaked with shadows that would cover her fingertips when she reached in for other products. Fed up with the selections, MJ designed her own pattern for the perfect cosmetic bag that lays flat on a surface, and has an elongated medial zipper that allows the bag to gape open allowing easy access to all materials. This basically eliminates any chances that the bag will fall and saves you from losing money on broken beauty products.. Each bag is hand designed and is characterized by a signature brightly colored zipper and suede tassel.

 By the time MJ stole hearts with her witty and vivacious personality on “Shark Tank”, her company was already a smashing success having nearly 1.5 million in sales already. Since each and every bag is handcrafted by an in house design team, MJ knew she needed more funds to ramp up their production. She had already tried to source the production but was nowhere near satisfied with the resulting quality. She was so dedicated to producing high quality bags, MJ actually began her company by hand sowing each individual bag herself at her kitchen table. Now that sales had hit the 1.5 million mark, she obviously no longer was able to keep up on her own. She had by that time enlisted the help of several trusted designers to help produce each bag but they were falling further and further behind on production and the demand was only growing.  Still, MJ was not willing to compromise on quality, so she applied and was picked to appear on Shark Tank. During the show, she accepted a deal with Lori that has helped the company’s get to where it is today.  She found a way to supply the growing demand while maintaining the fabulous hand crafted quality of her original design.  


 Ok, the creator has a great story. That still doesn’t really tell me why the product is so great. It won’t fall over and is waterproof. That is nice but not ground breaking. I’m still wondering what the hype is all about?

 Well, Makeup Junkie Bags come in a variety of gorgeous colors and patterns allowing them to be personalized. They easily mix and match to create your perfect set of bags. Adored by a large and very loyal fan base, they have become an almost cult classic in their short time in production. Further customization is possible by purchasing an additional wristlets or several of the  colored tassels to change it up.

You can buy just one or two of the bags in the sizes you need or snag a complete set and carry your cosmetics in style!  Mix and match to truly customize your collection. There are 4 different size bags to choose from as well as limited edition zippered keychains that are super convenient and absolutely adorable! Limited edition prints and fabulous staples offer a variety that makes it easy for anyone to find a bag they adore. Also, limited edition Tote bags were originally produced in extremely limited quantities but are now becoming more widely available. Several other new products have been hinted at as soon to be released so stay turned for even more Makeup Junkie excitement this next year! 


Makeup junkie Bag dimensions


But, I don’t really wear makeup or I don’t have very much makeup. I surely don’t need four bags to carry it in!

Thats the fantastic thing about there bags!  You obviously don’t have to get a complete set and you can pick and choose the sizes that are right for you!  Plus, they can be used for so many other things other than makeup!  The waterproof interior can be beneficial  when carrying anything that has the potential to spill.  Now you can carry your  toiletries when traveling and will never end with lotion or toothpaste all over your pants again!  Toss your jewelry into a mini inside a gym bag to utilize the waterproof design from the inside, protecting the contents from damp and smelly workout clothes. The possibilities truly are endless. Just check out this chart and you can see lots of other ideas on what you can use these pretty bags for instead of just makeup. 


Makeup Junkie Bags not your average makeup bag list of uses for each size makeup Junkie Bag At chic picks boutique  



If you still aren’t convinced that these are the best bags on the market today, how about the fact that every Makeup Junkie Bag comes with a LIFETIME guarantee!!  That just shows you how much MJ believes in her product!  The large cult following of loyal fans shows you they must have good reason to. If you ever have an issue with the quality of your bag, simply contact the company at the email address below for a refund or exchange.

And wait! There’s more!

Think Makeup Junkie bags are just for the ladies! I mean men go on vacation too. They carry toiletries and money and snacks.  Heck, some men carry more stuff than I do every day. Think of the poor men of world, having to lug all their junk around in their back pockets, or have it rolling around loose in their briefcase. Probably ruining proposals and pants all the time. Its that or they will have to face the shame and social stigma of carrying a “murse”.  Usually before they go that far, they just grab a backpack or some type of sport cinch bag, possibly a duffel. The only cool option out there is the messenger bag but it’s guaranteed to get called out as a murse at some point. Men are just grown up boys after all.  Don’t the men in our lives deserve just a bit better ladies? A full grown man shouldn’t have to carry a book bag in a suit and tie. Nor should he look as if he is carrying his gym clothes to a business meeting. Give them something better to stick their junk in! Wait a minute, that didn’t sound very nice.  All the guys get it. Ladies, read it again and think like a guy would. Yep. Anyway, finally a grown up and sophisticated way men can carry their Junk! In the Man Junk Bag by Makeup Junkie Bags. Mixing rugged sophistication and convenience all in a perfectly proportioned package. Where does your man keep his junk?   

 Man junk bags a man can stick his junk inside by makeup Junkie bags at chic picks boutique