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Tee-Ball (Graphic Tees)

“Pretty Is” Black Short Sleeve Graphic Tee

Crazy Train

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“Pretty Is” Black Short Sleeve Graphic Tee
“Pretty Is” Black Short Sleeve Graphic Tee
“Pretty Is” Black Short Sleeve Graphic Tee

“Pretty Is As Pretty Does”

If you grew up in the South, there’s a good chance you grew up hearing this from your mother!  I sure did!  As an awkward junior high student with glasses, braces, and frizzy hair in the pre flat iron era, I remember rolling my eyes. I made good grades,did as I was told, and minded my manners but yet I looked like the female Urkel while the mean girls of my school paraded around like little models. Now as an adult, I finally understand wHat she was saying and just how right she truly was. Nothing is worse than a mean person with a bad attitude. No matter how beautiful of a package it’s wrapped in, its what is on the inside that truly matters. Show off your true Pretty in this cute Graphic Tee that not only imparts it’s profound wisdom onto the world but also has an awesome neautral color palette that is perfect for wearing under your favorite Crazy Train Duster or pretty much anything for that matter ! 

75% Cotton / 25% Rayon

Unisex Fit

See size chart for exact measurements. Psst..don’t worry, I got you girl!  Just exchange it if it doesn’t fit correctly. See our Return Policy for details. 

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