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Additional Sizes (Plus)

+ In addition +

It’s just a number. Size is just a number. It doesn’t represent health or beauty or anything more than just what size you happen to wear. Yet so many people (those who wear it included) still see plus size in a negative way!

 How in the world?

 The word is literally Plus!  As in, in addition to, adding value to something that is already there.

Being a border gal my entire life, I lived life on the 12/14 cusp. On the edge just enough that I never really was defined by or belonging to either “catagory”. AS IF any woman sHoyle be categorized.

Here at Chic Picks, Plus is exactly what it is, nothing more and nothing less. It’s sizing that is available in addition to our other sizes. In other words, we also carry Plus Sizing. For all the average, not so average, and above average ladies of the world who just happen to need a bigger number stitched into their clothing.  Enhancing and adding value to what is already there.