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Winter Fashion Life Hacks You Need in Your Life

This past week gave Mississippi (and most of the South) it’s first fall day, at least weather wise. In fact, we kinda skipped fall, plunging over 40 degrees in less than 24 hours. As I scrambled to pull out our sweaters and jackets while still wearing my T-shirt and shorts, I began to get very excited about wearing my fall apparel!!  I love fall/winter fashion and pretty much everything about cold weather in general. Or maybe it’s more that I loathe every single thing about summer.  From the heat, the humidity, and the sweat to the massive amount of shaving and spray tan it requires! Give me my boots and sweaters and hoodies and leggings to cover up my pale, stubble covered legs as well as the fact Im carrying a few extra pounds. Give me cooler temps so I can wear makeup again without literally wiping it all off before I even get to my car. Cold weather means my hair will actually be down long enough that I can justify a blow out. The only drawback to this time of year is that the clothing requires a bit more closet upkeep. Bulky sweaters and coats take up more room and are harder to clean than your thin summer apparel. This is a trade off I’m more than happy to oblige. Especially  when I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve. So, I thought I would share a few tidbits to possibly help y’all with all of your cold weather apparel. Just some tips and tricks I’ve happened upon over the years. It actually ended up being enough info that I created a bona fide Winter Apparel LifeHack list!  I hope you can find a few that help you get your gear ready because “weather” (pun very much intended) you feel the same as I do about colder temps, they have descended and winter is on the way! 


#1. Stick Your Sweater in The Freezer

Put your fall fashion Apparel and winter wear sweater in the freezer  

Hear me out.  I know it sounds nutty but it’s a well known and sworn by hack that actually works. If you love rocking a cute sweater when the temps begin to drop but hate when that aforementioned sweater sheds all over the place or begins to pill. Put that puppy on ice!  Literally. Place any sweater, especially if made from animal (wool, angora, cashmere, etc) fibers, into a ziplock bag and put it in your freezer for at least 24 hours. Shake it out upon removal to knock any stray hairs loose and then just allow it to air a bit before wearing. This will prevent (or at least significantly decrease) the sweater from shedding and reduce any unwanted pilling. This not only keeps your furniture fuzz free, it extends the life of your sweaters.

Bonus Tip : Freezing can also be used as an alternative to laundering on any non stained or visibly dirty items by removing the bacteria and odor. Freeze for 24 hours up to a week and your clothes will come out just as crisp and clean as when you take them to the dry cleaners. Since this is much less damaging to the fabric, it also extends the life of your favorite items..  

Now if you don’t have time for a deep (freeze) clean, just add a little vodka! Wait, what?


#2. Spray your clothes with Vodka

Spray your musty fall winter apparel with Vodka and essential oils


As we begin to pull our winter duds out of the backs of closets, it’s inevitable that they may have that musty, storage smell. We end up washing already clean clothing so we don’t walk around smelling like grandmas attic all day.  While freezing solves this problem without shortening the life of your favorite winter wear, these clothes are technically already clean with just a little residual storage stink. To quickly remove odors from your clothes, the easiest solution is to lightly spritz them with, yup, VODKA! Apparently, your closet just needs a cocktail. Now the cheap stuff works just the same as the Fancy Goose in this situation, so save the good stuff for your own cocktails. Grab some Barnett’s, pour it straight (no diluting) into a spray bottle and lightly, ever so lightly, mist all those musty sweaters, cardigans, and coats. Allow to air dry and as the vodka evaporates, so does the odor! Viola! No booze smell left behind, just odorless apparel. You can even add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to the spray bottle if you wanted to leave a hint of your favorite fragrance behind.  Finally, a purpose for cheap vodka that doesn’t involve a headache, regrets, or a lifetime of cringe worthy memories. Bottoms up, Odors out, Ladies! 

Since we are already on the subject of sweaters,

#3. Stretch Proof Way to Hang A Sweater

How to hang a sweater so it doesn’t stretch

There’s not much more I need to add to this one. If you don’t have the shelf room to fold sweaters as is recommended, keep those dreaded hanger bumps at bay by hanging up your sweater as pictured above. No more bumpy sweaters! 

 If any of this advice came just a little too late and your favorite sweater is just unsalvageable, don’t throw it out just yet! You can still use it in the next one! 


#4. Use old Sweaters to make Boot Cuffs

Use your old fall fashion apparel sweaters for fancy new boot topper cuffs


Don't toss your favorite ratty sweater just because well, it’s ratty. If the sleeves are in decent shape, repurpose it as funky new boot toppers!  I simply love this idea!  Especially if they had a funky pattern or bold color. Heck, I might go thrift store shopping for old funky sweaters just for this purpose!  

If the idea of making your own boot cuffs just isn’t your thing, you could just check out our selection here!  But for any of you that do try this,  let me know how they turn out! Drop a pic of your finished product below in the comments. 


#5. Keep Joe Cool’s Toe Concealed

 Joe Cool Keep camel toe from showing in leggings

We’ve all been there, it happens to us all. Admittedly to some more than others. I personally fall into the some group with this being a constant issue in, well, really any pants I wear. My anatomy is apparently prone to this type of thing plus when you throw in the fact that I’ve got the waist equivalent of a giraffe’s neck, it’s the perfect storm for the dreaded 🐪  situation. I had some not-so-clever home remedies I had come up with.  So when I discovered this, I felt like a complete moron for not putting it together myself!  It’s so simple and (now) obvious!!  Here I am, coming up with some uncomfortable cardboard contraption when the most glaringly obvious solution I was already using a few days out of a month!  Just turn that panty liner sideways and bam! You got you an instant toe barrier that no camel can cross! 

Demonstration of how to not show camel toe in leggings using a panty liner



#6. Keep Your Jeans In Your Boot

Using mitten clips to hold jeans in place

If you have trouble with peek a boo jeans that poke out oof your boots or have ever experienced the sometimes painful always weird looking effects of bunched up denim around your ankle, you will appreciate the little hack above. Use mitten clips to put a stop to the nonsense and keep that denim in place!  In a pinch, you could also use those clips at the dollar store that keep your sheets from sliding. Just be careful with tight jeans, as those clips are rather bulky and could cause blisters from the friction of walking if smooshed against your ankle bone. If you’ve got mitten clips laying around, yay! If your like me and didn’t realize mitten clips were even a thing, I recommend getting a pair of baby mitten clips to keep the blister thing at bay. Sweet Sparrow Designs On Etsy has some really cute ones with fun patterns and designs so if you take your boots off, you’re still looking cute! I am in no way affiliated with them and will receive no money if you purchase their items. I just googled baby mitten clips to make sure I was recommending a real thing and noticed the adorable designs and wanted to pass the info along. 

Fun pattern baby mitten clips


Well, that’s all I’ve got right now. If I see any more interesting tidbits, I’ll pass them along. Until then, enjoy Pumpkin Flavored Everything Season! 

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