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Plus Size Negativity

Hailey Davis

+ Plus is not a Negative +
It’s a number. Size is just a number. It doesn’t represent health or beauty or anything more than the number you happen to wear. Yet so many people (including the ones who wear it) somehow still see PLUS size in a NEGATIVE way.
 How does that make sense?
 Its name literally is Plus! As in, in addition to, adding value to somethingPlus Size should only be viewed for exactly what it is, nothing more and nothing less. Sizing that is available in addition to any other sizes. I am a border gal. I’ve literally lived my life on the edge. Walking the line between 12/14 is ridiculous. Lots of brands make a size 12 too small and won’t offer plus size so I would be unable to wear that particular brand. Or, worse, the 12 would be too small but then the 14 “plus size” would be so big I looked like a clown! Throw in my abnormally long (so high) waist for my 5’2 frame and the low low LOW rise trend of the 2000s and I still cringe at the muffin top mess I was.  Hello High Rise, mom jean trend!  Of course, now I actually AM a mom and I only sorry about trends for my job. I still want to look nice!  If high rise had been in style when I was a teenager! It would have changed my life!  Seriously! Oh well, instead I developed some deep rooted complexes and one hell of a personality! Now, let’s stop putting so much emphasis on what size we wear. Or plus size negatively or even too much positivity for that matter. I cannot stand the obnoxious over applauding of being plus size. It’s not a bad thing but it’s not an accomplishment either. Like, YAY! I am a specific weight/body type and wear a larger size clothing than some people but actually the same as most people since 14 is the average size woman. So why don’t we all just put on our high (or low) rise jeans respectively, stop worrying about what size is stitched into them. Let’s worry if they look nice. Compliment each other when they do and quit putting labels on every single thing. Size is just a number.  For all the average, not so average, and above average ladies who just happen to need a higher number stitched into their clothing. Enhancing and adding value to what is already there.
It’s Not About The Size You Wear But The Way You Wear Your Size

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