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Make Distressed Denim Awesomeness With Stockings Or Tights


Sexy Stockings Worn Under Distressed Denim Jeans

So, this technically could have been included in my last post, Winter Apparel Life Hacks you need in Your Life. The thing is, this was too awesome to get lost in a list. You know those distressed jeans you adore?  The ones you don’t wear as much when it turns cold?  The ones you want to wear because they are expensive and cool and make your butt look amazing?  Well, get’em out!  All you gotta do is wear a cool pair of stockings or tights under those baby’s and you got yourself an amazing new, ever better, pair of denim on your hands!!!  No need to shell out money for those new distressed jeans with the pattern Patches  (but if you just want to, click here to check our selection out). Oh no no no, you my dear can change yours up with the handy dandy trick. So stinking simple and yet, I never would have thought it up myself. I swear I wouldn’t. I would have had to buy the trendy jeans (lets just be honest, I’m getting a pair of those too). So add a little sexy or just add some warmth to your distressed duds this winter by simply slipping on a pair of tights underneath!

Black Sparkle Fishnet Stockings under distressed denim jeans

Yelete Sparkle Fishnets,  $9.99 

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