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KanCan Jeans Style Guide

Hailey Taylor

Does the different lingo used in today’s denim descriptions leave you scratching your head?  Do you recognize the classics but still wonder what a girlfriend jean is? Does it go with the boyfriend jean? How would I wear them both? Is one pair for my boyfriend?  Seriously, are they for women or for men?   It’s hard enough to figure out in the store but at least you can try them on!  How can you purchase a pair online when nobody seems to know what all these descriptions actually mean?  There is no way to know if you’re purchasing the right style for you!  So to help you sort out the confusing mess that Denim terminology is these days, I put together this article using these informational graphics directly from KanCan concerning each style of their jeans. With a history and the modern day usage of each one. Hopefully this can help you feel confident when making your next jean purchase, especially when making one online. Maybe you can finally figure out what fit you can expect from each style! 

KanCan Denim Jean Fit Guide bootcut style

Bootcut Jeans

Bootcut Jeans History : This style became popular sometime in the 1800s when cowboys needed a particular kind of Jean in order to ride their horses. They needed jeans that fit around their waist and thighs so they could ride their horses but that tapered enough they could wear their boots underneath.  

Bootcut Jeans Today : Modern Day Bootcut Jeans still follow the exact same pattern as those original cowboys. Fitted through the waist, hip, and thigh area but tapers our starting at the calf just enough that boots may easily be worn underneath.

 KanCan Denim Jeans fit Guide boyfriend jeans

Boyfriend Jeans

Boyfriend Jean History : This Cut Of Denim can actually be traced back to the very first original pair of blue jeans! As a women’s trend, Marilyn Monroe first wore them on the set of the Misfits, showcasing a loose and almost slouchy look that somehow only added to the bombshells beauty. Fading away for a few decades, it has recently been revived and is once again a closet must have staple. 

Boyfriend Jean Today : Today’s boyfriend jeans come in a variety of styles and fits actually but the basic look is a loose, baggy, and even slouchy Jean. Not sloppy or way too big. Today’s style has a structured fit in the waist but an overall relaxed fit. You can decide how baggy you want to go and fit is very important when rocking this style. On a petite frame, slim fit boyfriend jeans are recommended while curvy/plus size should consider a tapered leg version to avoid looking as if you just have on jeans that are way too big and baggy. Which might just make them the next style in our list  

KanCan Women’s denim jeans fit Guide Girlfriend Jeans

Girlfriend Jeans 

The Girlfriend Jean doesn’t have a long lineage or much of a history. They are a modern style that just hit the scene a few years ago. A hybrid of the boyfriend Jean, they feature the same classic loose fit, baggy cut of a boyfriend Jean but they sit slightly higher on the hips with a more streamlined and tapered leg. 

KanCan Denim Fit Guide flare jeans

Flare Jeans

Flare Jean History : Also known as “bell bottoms”, we normally associate this wide leg pant to the hippies of the 1960s but the true origin of the flare leg pant is the US Navy. While no official documentation is available as to why the Navy adopted this style as their official uniform, it was first documented in 1813 but didn’t become a part of the official uniform until the mid 19th century. 

Flare Jeans Today : This style fades in and out of popularity it seems. The heyday was in the 60s and 70s when the extreme version, the bell bottoms were very much In vogue. Recently revived, today’s flares are not quite as wide as their hippie loving predecessors. although some can still be found, most modern flare leg jeans are just slightly more “flared” below the calf than the boot cut style jean. 

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