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Hi Peeps!

Hailey Davis

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Welcome to Chic Picks!  Fantastic finds from some  Fabulous Brands that you can’t find around the corner. Plus some boutique staple brands that we can’t live without. I literally spend HOURS and HOURS (I love it) searching for those rare but special, unique items that have a way of making you feel like the prettiest girl in the room!  As you should!  Because you are honey!  Yep, every single one of you. If you’re kind and real and try to be honest most of the time, you’re gorgeous and don’t ever forget it!  No matter what you wear!  But we’re women and we want to wear something pretty so we feel as pretty as we truly are. I hope I can provide you with at least one item that makes you feel lIke you can take on the world.  Because that is when you actually might. Bye for now honey!  Thank you so much for dropping by!  Come back to see me sometime!



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