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So, it’s time for fall in the fashion world. I am finding it nearly impossible to pick out sweaters and jackets when temps reached a record breaking 105 degrees this week in MS. It’s so hot. Everywhere I go, I am hot. I just got all of the new swimwear edited and up on the site. Now I’m supposed to pick out flannels and snuggly sweaters to wear next to a fire. The procrastinator in me rolls her eyes. It’s mid July!  This stuff is weeks from being relevant. If you live in the South, it’s more like several months away! I’ve worn short sleeves, sandals, even shorts at both thanksgiving and Christmas on many years. The only time I’ve been in the path of a tornado was on December 22nd and Jan. 3rd. Nevertheless, fall apparel is slowly infiltrating my vendors websites. As well as my competitors. Back to school is upon us as well. Even the early Christmas shoppers are beginning to pad their closets with these new arrivals.  Is it just me?  Do we start too early? Should fall clothing arrive in stores in fall? Or the end of July?  

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